Hello friend!

Hi, nice to meet you.  If we just met, hello again and I am sure we had a fun discussion about some important topics…hopefully something enlightening or perhaps existential and hopefully not about some person who’s name starts with a T and sounds like.. well we know who I am referring to.

If we are going to get to know one another better perhaps I should start with answering some of the regular questions that I get.

What do you do?

Well there are several things I like to do such as travel, create stuff, and help people.  I am an innovating entrepreneur and love creating products and businesses that solve problems.  I set out several years ago to create a organization of people that could travel freely with a strong focus on life success.  I founded OPTe, an internet technology company, along the way to support that vision and built our first team and product while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Do you live in Cambodia? 

I reside multi-nationally and keep a base in Siem Reap, Cambodia which has been a great choice. Cambodia is an up and coming country and I enjoy being a part of that along with the lovely people around here.

What are your future plans?

Well, I would like to keep traveling and exploring new places while building my company. I am no longer attached to any one place therefore the concept of “going back” is not part of my thinking or feelings. I set out to create a cool team of like minded people and am looking forward to what we can create together.

Well there’s a little about me, I am always interested in learning about you.  Leave me a comment or private message and say hi.